Consumer and Commercial Embroidery Machines: What’s the Difference?

Consumer embroidery machines are great for hobbies and doing small jobs for friends and family, but a commercial embroidery machine will allow you to jump into the embroidery business. If you’re interested in taking your business a step further like I have, check out this commercial embroidery machine site for different options available. You can even get used embroidery machines if you’re just starting out.

What is a Commercial Embroidery Machine?

commercial embroidery machine designs

some examples of commercial embroidery machine designs

Normally, an embroidery machine is referred to as “commercial” or as a professional embroidery machine when it meets the following criteria:

  • It’s Computerized – in other words, the designs are created in software on your computer, or are digitized on someone else’s and then loaded onto your “computerized embroidery machine”.
  • 15 Needles – there are some smaller commercial machines, but most will have 15 needles. That means that you can have up to 15 cones of embroidery thread loaded up for use at any given time.
  • Single Head or Multi-Head Embroidery Machines – a consumer embroidery machine will always only have one “head”. A heads is that part of the equipment that holds the needles and thread. A commercial embroidery machine can come in a single head version, 2 head, 4 head or much more.
  • Speed – an SWF Embroidery Machine for example, can run at up to 1000 stitches per minute. Commercial machines are several times faster than consumer models.
  • Sewing Field – this is the area that you actually have to embroidery on. With a commercial embroidery machine you can sew a single design up to 20” X 14” or higher or many smaller designs in the same field. A big difference!
  • Industrial design – commercial embroidery machines are made for industrial use. You’ll get larger head, more robust motors and components and a better warranty on those. If you are planning on using your machine everyday for business, there’s no way a consumer machine will be up to the task!

The equipment itself is important, but if you’re going to get into the embroidery business, the support and training you get will make a big difference too!

Commercial embroidery machines typically come with onsite or online training. Not just on the embroidery software, but also on basic operations and maintenance to keep your machine running right.

Professional technical help is available. Your commercial, single head embroidery machine will run great, but you will eventually need a little outside help. You want a company used to dealing with deadlines and the high volume of a commercial embroidery business backing you up – not a tech department used to serving home embroiderers without revenues on the line.

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